Theory and Computation of Singularly Perturbed Problems: slides and files

These slides and files are for the section of the GIAN Workshop on Theory and Computation of Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations taught by Niall Madden, at IIT (BHU), Varanasi, December 4-8, 2017.

These are drafts of the slides. If you see plot any errors or typos, please contact Niall.

Slides and files
Lecture 0 Outline of the workshop NM Slides
Lecture 1 Introduction to singularly perturbed problems NM Slides
Lecture 2 Numerical methods and uniform convergence. NM Slides
Prelude to Lab 1 NM MATLAB primer
Lab 1 FDMs on Uniform Meshes NM Handout Files: FiniteDifference.m
Lecture 3 Finite difference methods and their numerical analysis. NM Slides
Lecture 4 Coupled systems NM Slides
Lab 2 Fitted mesh methods for ODEs NM Handout Files: Solve_1DRD.m, Make_1D_Fitted_Mesh.m, Test_1DRD.m, u_true.m.
Lecture 5 High order numerical methods for singularly perturbed problems SK
Lecture 6 Singularly perturbed parabolic problems in 1D SK
Lecture 7 Regular and singular perturbation methods LPS
Lab 3 High-order methods SK
Lecture 8 Singularly perturbed elliptic PDEs NM Slides
Lecture 9 Finite Element Methods in two and three dimensions NM Slides Handout
Lab 4 Singularly perturbed PDEs NM Handout Files: Solve_2DRD.m, Test_2DRD.m, Problem_Data.m, Make_Bakhvalov_Mesh.m. Make_Equidistribute_Mesh.m.
Lecture 10 Preconditioning for singularly perturbed problems NM Slides
Details of remaining sessions to follow